Generally with a gym, management typically thinks earning more money means increasing the membership base. However, there are alternative ways to make more money as a personal trainer and you can do so without bringing in a single new client.

3 Ways to Make More Money as a Personal Trainer - FitTemplates.comLet’s assume your gym charges a flat fee for its services, which includes using the equipment and participating in classes offered at the gym. These are the activities that form your base service. Once you already have these clients in the door and enjoying the base services you provide, now is the time to expand upon these activities.  There is a lot of anecdotal data that people who frequent the gym are willing to pay for value-added services in addition to, or as an alternative to personal training.

Personal trainers help people improve their physical condition, but a big part of exercising is the mental and emotional aspect.  Part of a healthy lifestyle is a good social life and human beings by nature are a social species. This is where you can exploit (in a positive manner) the human nature to do activities in a group.

Group training is a win-win.  You can make more money as a personal trainer per hour through group training, and clients get the social connection that is often missing in their too-busy lives. Here are three different group training strategies you can try:

3 Ways to Make More Money as a Personal Trainer

Start a running club at your gym

#1: Start a Running Club

Who likes to run alone? Okay, perhaps some members do enjoy the solitary run on a treadmill, but we will venture to suggest that you will find a lot of interested members who would be willing to pay a few extra dollars to join a structured outdoor running club that is coached by a Personal Trainer.

Introductory running programs, like a Couch-to-5k, can be packaged in a six to eight week paid program, meeting just 1x per week.  Charge around $99-$149 for the base program. If you add nutritional services, you can charge more. Create postcards and flyers to advertise your new service at your facility.


Add sports-specific training to increase earnings

#2:  Add Sports-Specific Group Training

Many members at the gym participate in some sort of recreational sports league and you can create group training sessions for them. In this case, survey your members first and figure out the most popular sports practiced by them.

Once you are armed with that knowledge, you could group certain sports to allow you to increase your potential pool of members for each training scheme. If you’ve never created a sports-specific training program before, check out this article to learn more.

Once you’ve created a program, you can charge between $12-25 per group training session.  You are now ready to promote your training sessions to gym members. It is highly likely many of them will be enticed by the possibility of training to help improve their performance in the sport they love to play.


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#3: Create Online Training Programs

With so many people on-the-go, you might find it is difficult to create a community inside of your gym’s four walls. Now, however, you can use social media to bridge the gap.

With the average U.S. consumer spending 40+ minutes per day on Facebook, this social media platform has proven to be a powerful ally.  You can create a Facebook Group for free. Then, use it as an online personal training platform. How?

    1. Create a virtual training program, either a sports-specific training program, online running club or other program you would otherwise deliver in-person at your gym.
    2. Write out the training program in a short Word document (aka “e-book”).   Be sure to include photos, links to exercise videos (if you have them), and printable workout calendars. Turn that Word document into a PDF document for electronic distribution.
    3. Use your web site to take payment for the program, then deliver the e-book program to clients.
    4. Once payment is made, invite your clients to the private Facebook Group. This is where you will answer daily questions, provide motivation, and keep your clients accountable.


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