It’s very difficult for commercial printers like your local print shop or online print service to print EXACTLY to the edge of a postcard, business card or flyer.  Therefore, commercial printers require that your Page Layout Size be slightly larger than the final product so that the ink will reach the edge of the paper. In the commercial printing world this is called the Full Bleed dimensions.

The Full Bleed Size is approximately .125″ on each side for US Standard paper sizes or 2mm on each side for International paper sizes.  Confirm with your own commercial printer what their Full Bleed Size is, as they may differ.

For example, an online print service will require your 8.5″ x 11″ flyer to be submitted as a Full Bleed Page Layout Size of 11.125″ x 8.625″.  Since Microsoft Office rounds the dimensions of their documents to the closest 2 decimals, the Page Layout Size of your template will be 11.13 x 8.63.

Full bleed versus no bleed printing

If you print a Full Bleed Page Layout Size template on your home computer, you may receive a notification message upon printing “Margins are set outside of the printable area”. Do a test print. Your print may be slightly cropped on all sides, but it will still look great.


How to Change Page Layout Size

  1. Open your template in the appropriate Microsoft Office software
  3. Adjust the paper size accordingly


Borderless Printing at Home
In order for your home or office printer to print all the way to the edges without a white border around your document, you will need a printer that can print “borderless”. Here is a link to the top Borderless Printers on Amazon.

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