As a small business owner (or inspiring one), it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind.  Instead of focusing on the best business strategies for your gym, you might get caught up in a myriad of other tasks that seem important at the time, but offer little value to your business growth.

So, where SHOULD you focus your business building efforts?

What are the best business strategies for your gym, Crossfit affiliate or yoga studio?

Fit Templates has teamed up with the Fitness Business Podcast to create a super-glossy digital magazine called Powerful Insights. This issue highlights the best business strategies from health club veteran, Bill McBride.

About Bill McBride

Bill McBride has worked in all aspects of sales, marketing, leadership, management, member experience and operations in gyms and health clubs. He currently serves as the Co-Founder, President & CEO of Active Sports Clubs/Active Wellness.  He’s been a Board Member on ACE’s Industry Advisory Panel, Club Business Pro’s Advisory Panel, The Wellness Health Education Advisory Board and was a contributing faculty member of Club Success Magazine.

While Bill speaks from a wealth of knowledge in the health club industry, the business strategies suggested readily apply to Crossfit and Yoga studios alike.

In this issue of Powerful Insights you’ll learn how to:

  • establish your value proposition and value chain
  • create best business strategy practices
  • how to implement new business strategies in your organization without rocking the boat
  • how often to set business goals and when to review

Jill Tomich
Founder, Fit Templates

Best Business Strategies for your gym, crossfit or yoga studio

Best Business Strategies for your Gym, Crossfit or Yoga Studio

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Jill Tomich

Jill Tomich, Founder of <a href=""></a>, is an award-winning entrepreneur passionate about helping fitness and wellness professionals grow their businesses. She's helps athletic centers, online personal trainers, naturopaths and wellness studios from all over the world grow their revenue from her Hawaii-based Marketing Agency. You can connect with her on <a href=""> LinkedIn.</a>

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