Are you struggling to put together the perfect color combination for your health, fitness or wellness company?   Choosing the best business colors for your logo, web site or postcards might not be straight-forward task.  After all, you need to consider appropriate colors that evoke the right feelings and emotions.

It today’s marketing blog, we’re talking about psychology;  how to choose colors for your business and how it might affect your revenue.  PLUS, I’ll give you some swoon-worthy, spring-inspired color combinations.

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Best Business Colors Based on Psychology

Did you know professional politicians have staff members who are in charge of choosing the right color outfit?  Apparently wearing the wrong color combination could be more than just a fashion faux pas…it might lose an election!

It all comes back to color psychology.  There are general rules of thumb when it comes to emotions and colors. Take a look at the chart below from

best business color wheel


Ever wonder why so many fitness companies use the color orange?  Apparently, it’s the color that projects health & energy.

By looking at this chart, you’ll start to understand how people perceive colors.  Now, these 7 colors aren’t the only color options available for your logo and branding.  In fact, there are millions of different hues and color combinations you could use.

That’s why many businesses rely on design experts to help them crack the color code.


Why Businesses Spend Big Bucks on Colors, Logo and Branding

Big corporations spend big bucks on color theorists and branding experts.  It’s important to ensure their business colors, products and packages send the right message to consumers.  How important?

It’s reported that the 2012 London Olympic committee spent $665,400 on creating a logo and Pepsi spent a $1 million on their re-branding efforts.

Corporations spend oodles of money on branding and color design because of human psychology.

By the age of 8, most children are able to consistently recognize corporate logos like McDonalds, Apple and GE.  And 80% of people say that color increases brand recognition.

Just take a look at the logo collage below from  How many of them can you name?

Best business color for your fitness, yoga or personal training studio

How Colors & Appearances Effect Your Revenue

84% of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a particular product. That’s not too surprising.

Just this weekend I went to purchase new running shoes.  I visited a running shoe store that is well-known for its focus on fit and function. They watch how you run, then choose several options based on your gait and stride.  Not ONCE do the shoe experts ask about color preferences.

In the 30-minutes I was in the running store, a 65-year old women agonized over which shoes to purchase. In one hand she had the perfect functional shoe, but she hated the “ugly young kid” color (aka bright orange & yellow).

On the other hand she had a pair of purple and white shoes.  They didn’t fit as well (bunions be damned!), but she REALLY didn’t want to purchase the “ugly” ones.  She was asking everyone in the store their opinion, even though it was clear she knew which shoes she should purchase.

You have to know which colors your customers like.  That goes for selling shoes, t-shirts and even memberships to your fitness studio.

In fact 52% of consumers won’t return to a store due to overall poor aesthetics.

I’m sure the numbers are higher for a wellness center or personal training studio.  I mean, who wants to voluntarily spend their time in a health club if they don’t care for the colors or aesthetics?

Below is an eye-opening infographic about the psychology of color from

Best business colors for finess and wellness

How NOT to Choose Your Business Colors

Most personal trainers and yoga instructors I know pick their business colors based on their personal favorite colors.

Now THAT is a faux pas.

You should choose colors that your IDEAL CLIENT will be drawn towards and exude the kind of emotion you want them to feel.

Think about where your business colors will live:  business cards, web site, t-shirts, a feature wall in your studio, etc.

Imagine how your business colors will look in each of those locations.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing business colors, ask for help.  It’s always difficult to make the decision when you are so close to the project.  Having a 3rd party opinion will shed light on which colors will be most attractive to your clients.


Spring-Inspired Business Colors

Sometimes the best business colors are inspired by the seasons.

Spring colors are heavily influenced by pastels and bright colors.  Feelings of joy, renewal, happiness and kindness are often associated with spring colors.

However, spring colors can also have a more earthy tone…like after a cloudy day and fresh rain.

As with all design trends, the spring colors that were popular in the 1980s are making a come-back today.  Take a look at the spring color palettes below to see if any will catch your your ideal client’s eyes.

Best Business Colors - Spring Color Palette

Spring Sweets Color Theme

Best color for yoga studioPretty Modern Color Palette – Pick 2 colors or use them all


Fresh spring rain color themeFresh spring rain color theme

rustic spring color tonesRustic Spring Color Tones

Did you know that you can change the colors in every single Fit Templates document?  That’s right, there is an unlimited range of colors you can choose from.

Here is our Fitness Challenge Flyer from our Warrior Gym Collection in an array of spring colors.

Fitness flyer ideas from

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