Social media might be the big buzz when it comes to marketing tactics, but traditional marketing strategies have not communicated their last words yet, especially if you own an brick and mortar fitness business.

Traditional marketing strategies offer some amazing benefits that fitness businesses should consider the “low-hanging fruit” of marketing.  These fitness marketing ideas are often inexpensive (if not free) and are the most important marketing tactics of any local business.

After all, it takes between 8 and 13 “touches” with your business before consumers will even decide if your fitness studio is right for them.

Combining both online marketing strategies and traditional marketing strategies is your best chance at increasing sales.

5 Ways to Sell More Fitness with Traditional Marketing Strategies


Here are 5 traditional marketing strategies that should be an integral part of your local fitness business.

How to get more clients to your fitness studio

1.     Locally Target Your Market

The Internet and social media target a vast range of people. However, you don’t need to target EVERYONE, just your ideal clients.

With traditional marketing you can direct local ads to your target customers in your neighborhood for just a few hundred dollars. For instance, as a gym owner you can print an ad in a local newspaper that you know mostly residents around your gym will read.  Also, posting flyers at a local coffee shop about a yoga workshop or introductory offer can get more clients in the door.  Remember to ask your current personal training clients if they can pass your business card along to people they know who would benefit from your services.  These are exactly the people you want to cater to rather than the vast network of people online.


Business Card Templates from Fit Templates.

2.     Cheapest Lead Magnet Available

If you own a local yoga studio or health club, business cards are still the cheapest and easiest way to attract new clients.  Leave or hand out business cards wherever you go: networking events, kid’s sporting practices, church functions and even the grocery store.

When someone asks “What do you do?”

Tell them “I help people gain confidence and become the best version of themselves.”

That will get the curiosity going.  They will likely ask “How do you do that?”

THAT is when you hand them your business card.  Not just any business card, a business card that has a call-to-action on it.  Click here to read more about optimizing your business card to increase sales.


how to leverage word of mouth marketing at a gym, health club or fitness studio

3.     Top FREE Marketing Tool

We may be living in the digital age, but the best marketing tool has been and still is word-of-mouth marketing. This is the best type of marketing because people accept this type of marketing much more easily than paid publicity.

It is definitely easier to trust people you know when they talk, for instance, about amazing trainers at a gym. If you want to improve your word-of-mouth marketing all you have to do is provide excellent customer service at your gym.

But you also need to ASK clients for referrals on a regular basis.  When happy members brag to their neighbors just how much your wellness or fitness services have effected their lives, the selling is already done for you!

4.     Reach New Clients with Value Adds

Low barrier offers can work (30 days for $7!)  if you offer low-cost memberships. (less than $30 per month).  But if you’re positioning your fitness business as a “boutique” option, you’ll have a difficult time getting prospective clients to pay full price after such a cheap introductory offer.

Smoothie Blender for Less than $30You need to sell on VALUE, rather than price.

Instead of discounting your products heavily, consider promoting an offer that adds value.   I know fitness studios that give away heart rate monitors, premium yoga mats and high-quality performance shirts if clients commit to a 6 month or more package.  Their attrition rates are crazy low because the new clients have such a bond with the studio from the start.

So instead of giving discounts of $50-$100 on your first month of health coaching services or fitness bootcamps, try giving away a beautiful cooking dish, mini-blender for individual smoothies or personalized yoga mat to clients who commit to multiple months of service.  Get healthy gift ideas from this article:  50 Health Gifts for Under $50.


When a new client comes to your fitness studio, write them a hand-written thank you note

5.     Offer a Personal Touch

Marketing on social media is through a digital channel that quite often feels very impersonal. On the other hand, traditional tools such as phone calls (by live people) and hand-written notes are a lot more personal in nature.

We’re in an industry where we have the chance to intimately connect with people and truly change their lives.


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